Frequently Asked Questions
What can I do with the music that I license from Soundscape Media?
Well that all depends on what kind of license you purchase. Please make sure to choose a license that suits the usage rights your project will be requiring.
If I license some music for a certain project of mine, can I use the same music again on a different project in the future?
Generally you cannot do this unless you have a subscription based license. Other than our subscription based licenses all our licenses are on a per project basis and you cannot use the music for other projects.
What kinds of licenses do you sell?
1. Needledrop licenses are when we sell licenses for single tracks to be used once in a single project. These tracks can only be used once. This is where the word needledrop comes from, think of it like a record player needle that is dropped and then lifted. Once the needle is lifted then that is the entire license. No matter if it's 10 seconds or 5 minutes. If you want to use more of the song or even the exact same part of the song again in the production a new license will need to be purchased. 2. Blanket licenses are generally an unlimited supply of music from our catalogue to be used for a single project. This is generally a more economical way of purchasing music licenses in bulk. These licenses can be for a single film or a single video or tv episode or we even have blanket licenses that cover an entire tv series. 3. Subscription based licenses are generally made on a large scale and offer our entire unlimited catalogue for set period of time. One example of a subscription can be offering our entire catalogue to a TV network for an annual subscription license rate for an unlimited supply of our music that can be used in as many shows desired that are broadcasted on that particular network.
How much do your music licenses cost?
Licenses vary depending on usage as well as other factors. You can view our rates by clicking HERE
I am extremely busy, I honestly don't have time to search for music as I'm looking for quite a bit of music. Can you guys help me out?
Absolutely. We are happy to help find you music since we know our catalogue so well we can let you focus on other aspects of your project while we take care of finding you your music. We just need you to tell us about the kinds of music you are looking for. This can be done by filling out our music request form.
What if I just need music as temp music for a Film or TV show but the music won't be broadcasted or if we're not sure if our project will get picked up and broadcasted. Do I still need to buy a broadcast license before I know if the project will be picked up, distributed or broadcasted?
We have a specialized license for just this type of situation at a reduced price. This type of license offers an upgrade for non-broadcast temp music that can be upgraded to one of our broadcast licenses when your project is ready to make it to the airwaves.
If I license music from you guys, will my project be the exclusive project containing the licensed songs?
No, all the music we license to our clients is licensed on a non-exclusive basis meaning that your project may not be the only project out there that contains the particular songs that you license. If you need exclusive music we can also offer music buyouts for various tracks. Please contact us if you would like to enquire about music buyouts.
How do your custom music services work?
Simple, you tell us about your project and what you're looking for and we can put together a pitch with samples of music by a variety of our composers that we feel would work well for your project. We have over 700 composers and artists signed with us and we know their specialties and we will coordinate and overlook the entire music process until delivery with your satisfaction guaranteed. Read more about our custom music services here.
How do your music supervision services work?
Please see our Music Supervision page for more information as there is too much information to list here.
I don't really understand how to make cue sheets for my broadcast project, can you guys help me out?
Yes, we draw up the cue sheets for you to save you the hassle. Not a problem.
Is Soundscape Media a Royalty Free Library?
No, we are not. We require licenses for each use in every project unless a user is under a subscription.